Affiliated Investment Advisors is a portfolio manager for serious investors seeking professional stock and bond portfolio management with superior safety and returns.

Our service is strictly fee based as an annualĀ  percentage of assets managed. We do not sell investments nor do we charge or receive any commissions. We do not use speculative hybrid vehicles for hedging or speculation that frequently increase the risk of capital loss.

All investments are traded on national exchanges for instant pricing and liquidity. All client funds and assets are held by third party custodians in individually segregated accounts. Clients give us authority to execute trades to structure and and manage their portfolio.

We provide to clients periodic statements and activity reports. The third party custodian also independently provides each client with statements and activity reports.

Our service is specifically tailored for experienced investors seeking discreet and completely confidential investment expertise and performance.

Our company brochure, the ADV Part 2 is available upon request.